When Life Wakes You Up…Literatally

It’s amazing how we finish a day thinking, “Finally, things are starting to look up!”. SIKE!

After having what I thought was the first page of a new chapter, I woke up crying after having one of the worst nightmares.

Its been seven months, yet I still look out the window before going to bed. Check all of my video camera footages for the day. Whenever, I stop at a traffic light, my head is on a swivel for any vehicle matching his color, make and model.

It’s one thing to sit in the back of a restaurant to have a view of the entrance. Law enforcement officers are trained to be aware of their surroundings and any suspicious persons coming into a building especially in this day in age when mass shootings occur anywhere.

But somehow, this feels different. Everytime, I’m at work, a restaurant or a stop light, I will break my neck to check who just walked in or drove by me.

Its sad and pitiful, but I will never feel safe living in this state. Selling this home, is one of the many steps to get me closer to where I hope to settle and begin a new life.

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