16 going on 24

“Life is a Journey not a Dream, Thou Shalt be True to Thy Self and Thou Shalt be Free…”

-Leslie H

I wrote this quote junior year of high school, while sitting in physiology. I had already made my mind up about getting my first tattoo, but I told myself I wasn’t going to spend my hard earned money on stupid meaningless things that will forever be apart of me and my body.

I wrote this quote seemingly and I purposely made my friend who sat in front of me ask me what it meant for me to confirm its meaning.

My response: Life is a Journey not a Dream, because there is no reality to dreams until you set them in motion, by daily and consecutively striving to achieve the steps needed to get to that end goal, whatever it may be for you. You have to purposely go at whatever your goals are and that is all part of the Journey we call a life. We can’t just wish for something and have it displayed on top of our hands (unless you’re a millionaire), but for those of us who actually have to roll up our sleeves and grind hard on a daily to get to the next day it takes will to survive through our pain and difficulties to push through. If our parents kept a journal of everything we’ve done since being born it would completely show the journey of us living in this craxy world we call Earth.

Thou Shalt be True to Thy Self and Thou Shalt be Free is pretty self explanatory (I think). You don’t have to explain your sex, sexual orientation, religion preferance, or anything to anyone as long as you know who you are and you’re doing it for yourself. Don’t ever let anyone get in your head or stomp on you for being you. if anyone does that, let them go because they obviously don’t care about you for who you are so why keep them around? Four quarters are better than 100 pennies. Quality over quantity folks.

I was 16 years old then and now I’m 24 years old. Those 19 words have never changed meaning because they are the raw truth of living and most importantly surviving in this crazy world we live in.

If anything the meaning has only expanded, because obviously my definition has remained true but expanded itself onto more things as I continue to grow and encounter new and and more challenging problems in my life.

I’ve said it before but I’ve been on my own for almost 10 years now and I’ve endured a lot mentally and physically, but these past seven months have truly challenged me mentally in a more intense way.

I know some of you don’t truly know or understand my meaning of being on my own, but eventually that story will get published…when the time is right. Until next time, keep surviving.

“Life is a Journey not a Dream, Thou Shalt be True to Thy Self and Thou Shalt be Free”

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