Hello, it’s me. I know its been awhile, but I’m here. I am currently not very happy with myself for some unknown reason. I am literally crying every night until next thing I know its daylight and I’m up.

I didn’t go to the gym at all last week, but I went today and handled business.

I promise I won’t leave you so lonely. Maybe that’s why my emotional health has deteriorated…who knows.

Tomorrow is group and I am fucking looking forward to it (excuse my french, but if you can’t handle cussing maybe you’re in the wrong blog, because my life is everything involving fucked).

There is not much to say today, because quite frankly I can’t decipher my thoughts. I don’t really know if they are thoughts, since I can’t make any sense as to why my emotions are out of control and I’m secluding myself from the one person I talked to every second of the day.

Maybe tomorrow light will break through this dark cloud looming over me.

Till next time.

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