First Time Away Since…

Today, is the first of three nights away from my babies (Dash the Dachshund and Case the Shepherd).

It is also my first time in a flight since 2015. I thought it isn’t my first time and I’ve flown alone multiple times, so nothing to worry about. However, as my old partner approached the airport’s departure area and asked how do you feel? I felt nervous but once I got checked in and made it to the gate I was okay.

Then boarding time came and after a little hiccup I got in my seat and just sat there and began to listen to music.

However, the more time passed I began to notice I was nervous again, but of what and why?

I didn’t have a window seat, which is honestly fine with me because I feel if I was trapped by the window I would’ve been too nervous to keep it contained. Yet, my heart rate was faster than normal. I’m sweating and hot and cold at the same time. My stomach feels like is in my throat.

Finally, they start passing out complimentary drinks and snacks and I’m just thinking pretzels and ginger ale, pretzels and ginger ale, pretzels and ginger ale until the flight attendant finally gets to my row.

I don’t know if she noticed my anxiousness or what but when she asked which snack I wanted, I said pretzels. She asked, if I wanted a second bag and I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

I don’t know if most of the panic or anxiousness is coming from being away from my babies or is it that I’m alone when everything between my ex and I occurred during this time of the year.

It is the first time I’ve been away from the dogs since everything happened and became a family of three. I hope to get more insight once I reunite with a long time friend in Texas.

Anyone currently struggling with their partner, family or whomever, please take the time to look in the mirror and ask if this is what you want in life for yourself or others.

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