The Let Down

It’s amazing, how we human beings want nothing more then to be and feel love, trust, respect, support and to simply know we got someone to trust and will have your back no matter what.

Yet, after being let down time and time again by family members, friends, boyfriends and husband. You build this wall and tell yourself you’ll never allow anyone to hurt you ever again.

You’ll never allow anyone to lie to you again.

You’ll never allow anyone to mistreat you again.

Yet, almost 11 years later, I am still struggling to separate it and not let anyone in because every time I allow it, it always ends with the same results. So what’s the point? Why even try? Why even give anyone else the chance?

People say you shouldn’t treat others like they were the ones that hurt you and did you wrong but I’ve learned that no matter what people use the good people.

I no longer have any reason to believe in anything or anyone.

I will keep to myself and this blog, because quite frankly this is one of the main reasons I have my sanity still.

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