If I Die Today…

Everyday last week, I would lay down in bed at the end of the day and start thinking, “If I die today…” but I could never finish the sentence. It really just made me feel like I most be the most lonesome person to literately have nothing to apologize, thank, say, feel or think.

Since this week has started, I don’t catch myself saying it daily, but it still randomly pops into my head and yet I still can’t seem to finish the sentence. I don’t really know what that could mean, but it certainly makes me question why I have that thought and yet there is nothing to say about it at the same time. You know?

At least my depression has dissipated, but I still don’t have the motivation to continue to workout like before I recently re-injured my calves, which has been about 2-3 weeks now.

It definitely helps to have a nearby friend who can get me out on the weekend and go for a stroll with my pup (Dash the Dachshund). But that’s all for now. I literately have had nothing crazy happen in my life, except my divorce is finally finalized and I’m currently in the process of my name change.

Till next time.

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