A Letter to my Younger Self

Hey, it’s me. The older you.

I want you to know that all that strength, independent mindset you have will take you a long way.

You will not have a fairytale story.

You will deal with a lot of disillusions, heartbreak, and betrayal by many, especially those you will hold highly and mighty.

Take comfort in knowing that you will come across in every road you take someone that will give you guidance and help light the path to the end of each turbulent chapter or road you find yourself in.

You will deal with things you would never think would happen to you.

You will give up a lot for others and barely receive anything back but no matter what your heart will remain intact.

You won’t understand this now, but you will become the mother of dragons in your own way as you grow and develop past all the heartbreak and betrayal.

You will be hurt and shattered.

You will deal with some life ending decisions.

But you will surpass it all.

Be free.

Be young.

Enjoy life.

Yes, you can get emancipated. All you have to do is walk in to the courthouse and file the paperwork.

Break a leg, because your journey has already begun.

April 21, 2020

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