When You Don’t Believe in Love Anymore

What if after all the hurt, pain and disillusions, your heart itself isn’t capable of love anymore?

Your mind dreams it, thinks of it and desires it, yet the opportunity presents itself and you lack actual attachment.

You lack the actual want to succeed with it.

Yet, jealousy and bad vibes surround everything that could possibly be good.

The doubt— is it real–is it true? Naw, they can’t be. A constant replay in your conscious.

So why even submit to it? Because we are human beings. And like every being out there we want to feel and give love. We want to share our highs and lows. Have someone that’ll be there to hold you when you are at your weakest. A shoulder to lean on. A pair of ears to hear you. A pair of eyes that only care for your sight.

Yet, doubt looms above it all.

What we want constantly battling with what we’ve known.

How does one break the cycle?

Please. Let me know.

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