This weekend was huge.

I have officially met all of my boyfriend’s direct family members and he is definitely the black sheep, but in a great way.

Every time we have a discussion, disagreement or misunderstanding we always come out better.


What brings me even more happiness is seeing how much I’ve grown since we met and how inadvertently he has helped me heal and mature as an individual and as a girlfriend.

I couldn’t tell you when I’ve ever been more open-minded, understanding and realistic about another person I’ve dated.

I’ve always had a preconceived idea and if you didn’t or couldn’t meet that idea or mentality then I dropped you.

Of course, I’ve made the exception for the wrong person, which is in the past.

Here, in the now, my mentality and perspective have grown. Obviously by the healing and hurdles I’ve had to overcome to get here today. But most importantly by the few that stuck around the trauma and storm, but also by the few who have chosen to enter my life and remain through the step backs, flashbacks, and depression.

I can honestly say, I am happy.

I am so happy, I can’t even go to sleep at night, because my mind just keeps on replaying and replaying everything that has happened up to this point and everything revolving those emotions (mania).

Even though, I am tired all day and work isn’t going very well, it still doesn’t affect my overall happiness.

I am up in the clouds looking down at the eye of the storm and smiling.

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