Simple Complicated

I don’t ask for much.

I’m simple, complicated.

Let me explain.

I’m simple to the point that all I ever really want from anything or anyone is time and attention.

If we’re hanging out I expect for you to be present, in the moment, paying attention, making memories to remember them, share and revisit at a later time.

All of my friends which aren’t many (single digits) are spread out throughout the country.

We don’t even speak everyday nor do I see them everyday.

But you know what, when we do speak with each other or actually hang out in person we pick up exactly where we left off.

That is the type of bond I share with my friends.

I’m complicated to the fact that because of everything I’ve had to endure since the age of 4.5 years old, I’ve become hard, strong willed, hard-headed, but wise.

So I don’t make getting to know me easy. I don’t allow simple stupid mistakes to be made with or towards me.

I don’t trust easily and it can just as easily be broken and when it does don’t be surprised at how quickly and swiftly I delete you from my life.

I am the type of person that does not like to waste time and doesn’t like her time to be wasted.

My co-worker described me as the “no nonsense” type and I’ve never described myself as that but it truly does define my everyday mentality.

Although, I am hard on the outside, I am very soft in the inside, which is why my shell is as hard as a rock; like a Reese’s.

But also, why I am so hard and afraid to let people in is because throughout my entire short life my fears have almost always come true.

I have a strong intuition and rely on my gut and mind more than anything because my heart has failed me numerous times.

Simple complicated.

I will always tell you like it is no matter how stupid, funny, serious or heartbreaking it may be.

I will always be honest, respectful, straight up, truthful, and loyal, until you are not.

Simply put, I am real with raw emotions that I am not afraid to hide, but I will hide my internal war and you’ll never know it unless I tell you or you are reading it like you are this.

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