New Beginnings

Yesterday, was a bit hectic emotionally. I realized my internal battle in regards letting go and holding on. But he said something on the phone yesterday, that stuck with me.

He said, well then lets just forget everything that happened and start over. No more bringing up the past.

It originally hurt, because it was another hit on the nail of this is done and over with, but after hours of it sitting in my head, it sort of gave me a sense of relief.

Like, if I just forget everything that happened and just simply lived in the moment like I was in the beginning then that means no more stressing and overthinking.

Just wake up and live your life.

I feel like a huge weight of pressure that I put on myself is lifted off my shoulders.

So, I’m going to just focus on the moment, still have my short and long term goals, but also focus on enjoying the present. On enjoying my life and stop overthinking the what ifs and being so tough on myself, because I’m not helping anyone or myself. Plus, based on previous experience, I do better when I just live in the now and focus on being happy. When I’m happy, the struggle isn’t so overwhelming and daunting.

To the rest of you, I hope this reaches you with hope and relief and hopefully you can find your own peace within yourself if you still haven’t found it.

Keep on surviving in this crazy world we live in.


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