I really do prefer to enjoy summers because is nice and hot and I love the weather. I love to enjoy the beach (even by myself), but this summer is a bit more stressing because I’m dealing with a recent break up, trying to find a place so I can move out of his place and then trying to find a job that I will enjoy and endure less physical pain.

I was doing really good.

After all of the heartache and bipolar mood swings from the breakup, I learned to accept it and focus on myself. But today, I got turned down on one of the two jobs I have applied and was really looking forward, but my tattoos disqualified me, even though I am the perfect candidate for the job. I’m not saying that because I’m cocky, but because I know I have the experience and qualifications for it plus I can tell from the panel interview we were all on the same page.

So now, I’m down to one potential job in this area and one job in another state, which is still too early in the process to really put hope on it yet.

Today, started really great until I got that news and is just really bummed me out.

On the bright side, my pre-approval is in the works and should be finalized by next Tuesday, so at least I got something to focus on now aside from school.

I’ll just continue to focus on what I can control. Finding more opportunities. Take care of myself and Dash. Find a place to live whether is renting or buying. Love myself and Dash. Most importantly, be happy.

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