To new beginnings…

I’ve been wanting to write this for a bit now.

Every now and then I read my previous post and I hate how angry and pissed off I sound. Honestly, it bothers me because I can only imagine what some of you are thinking. Especially since you’re only getting my side of the story, but hell, I don’t think he even knows his side of the story.

But enough about him. This officially marks the end of this chapter that I was O’ so excited to start last year.

But this is life and nothing in life is certain.


It's been three months since we broke up.  Only a few weeks since I moved out, but here I am.
Alone and tormented by my own thoughts.  As soon as I wake up, I think of you.  Once I'm at work, I'm fine and distracted, acting a fool.  No one would ever think I am the saddest person in the room or at least one of the saddest persons in the room, but that's who I am.  Well that is who I am now, a combination of the old and new me.

I am smart, funny, talented, uncaring, free spirited, unfiltered latina woman.  I say what I say and mean what I said.  UNAPOLOGETIC.

So cheers to this new chapter of solitude.  
Cheers to this new job.  And cheers to the endless possibilities ahead of me.  

I am no longer trapped within this country or continent.  I am no longer close minded to my upbringing and beliefs.  I am open to anything that's in front of me and ahead of me.  

Until we meet again and hopefully with great stories to tell.

To be continued...

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